My projects.


Eddy Covariance Exploration Shiny App

Source Code

BIOL 16 is a course that examines fundamental concepts in the rapidly developing areas of ecology. As an part of the DIFUSE program funded by NSF at Dartmouth College, we built an interactive data visualization and analysis tool based on R Shiny for students to explore the eddy covariance technique. Students are able to view data in raw format, interact with different visualizations, as well as being able to use such data to learn about how carbon exchange differs between seasons and time of day.
Built Using: R Shiny plotly

microbesim: An R package for quick simulation of microbiome count data

Source Code

In order to develop and apply data analysis techniques to microbiome relative abundance data, researchers often have to perform numerical simulations that approximate real data. This R package was developed in order to collect together all the common ways to simulate microbiome relative abundance data and provide a uniform interface for quick-and-dirty simulations.
Built Using: R

Analyses and visualizations

Tidy Tuesday submission dashboard

Source Code

This is a dashboard for all my #TidyTuesday submissions. #TidyTuesday is a weekly online event hosted by the R4DS community to promote usage of R in data wrangling and visualization. Every week a new data set is distributed where participants are welcome to perform modelling, wranging and visualization.
Built Using: R flexdashboard tidyverse

Forecasting presidential elections using Elo Rankings

Source Code

Using probability models based on Elo rankings (rankings used in zero-sum games such as chess) as a way to predict US presidential elections.
Built Using: Julia R distill