Here’s a snapshot of what I have been doing in the past years! You can find a complete version of my CV here. The complete collection of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar page, and my work history can be found on my LinkedIn.

Current roles

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals | 2022 - current
Principal Biostatistician

DELPHI Group at Carnegie Mellon University | 2022 - current
Volunteer R Developer


Bates College | 2017
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Mathematics
Dartmouth College | 2022
Doctor of Philosophy in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences


  • Proficient with R for statistical analysis and data science: Using tidyverse for data wrangling and visualization, targets for workflow generation, tidymodels for predictive modelling. Experienced in developing R packages and Shiny dashboards.
  • Additional languages:
    • Familiar with leveraging Julia/Rcpp/Rust for performance intensive tasks.
    • Familiar with Python for deep learning (tensorflow).
    • Familiar with Stan for Bayesian analysis (via cmdstanr).
  • Additional skills include:
    • Shell/Bash scripting for running command-line tools and utilities.
    • Git/GitHub for code versioning and continuous integration.
    • SQL (SQLite and MySQL) for creating and accessing data that cannot fit in memory.
    • Slurm/Torque High Performance Computing for analyses that require extra memory and computing time.
    • snakemake/nextflow for data-intensive workflow management.

Research highlights

My doctoral dissertation was focused on leveraging external biological knowledge and multi-omics data sets to understand gut microbiomes surveyed in population health studies. I am currently working on exploratory analyses supporting early phase clinical trials. A complete list of my publications (incl. co-author publications) can be found on my Google Scholar page.

Quang P Nguyen, H. Robert Frost, Anne G. Hoen et al. Associations between the gut microbiome and the metabolome in early life. BMC Microbiology. Aug 2021. [Source Code][Manuscript]

Quang P Nguyen, Anne G. Hoen, H. Robert Frost. CBEA: Competitive isometric log-ratio for taxonomic enrichment analysis. PLoS Computational Biology. Jun 2022. [Code] [Package] [Manuscript]

Quang P Nguyen, Anne G. Hoen, H. Robert Frost. Evaluating trait-based databases for taxonomic enrichment analysis. Pre-print on bioRxiv. June 2022. [Code] [Pre-print]